Red tape reduction

One of the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission's (ACNC's) objects is to 'promote the reduction of unnecessary regulatory obligations on the Australian not-for-profit sector'.

The ACNC works within the Commonwealth Government’s Regulator Performance Framework to reduce the cost of unnecessary or inefficient regulation – ‘red tape’.

ACNC red tape reduction work

The ACNC’s ‘red tape reduction’ work includes:

  • sharing charity information with other government agencies to build a ‘report once, use often’ framework for charities using the ACNC Charity Passport
  • streamlining reporting arrangements for charities regulated by other Commonwealth bodies
  • harmonising ACNC regulatory requirements with the myriad state and territory laws which cover charities
  • commissioning research on red tape reduction in the not-for-profit sector to inform current and future work, and
  • providing guidance and advice to charities to help them meet their regulatory obligations.

Red tape reduction - legal structure

Report once Common audit thresholds Updating addresses once Waived fee

ASIC Companies


ORIC Indigenous Corporations



Ancillary Funds


TAS Incorporated Associations

SA Incorporated Associations


ACT Incorporated Associations


VIC Incorporated Associations

NT Incorporated Associations

In progress

In progress

In progress

WA Incorporated Associations

NSW Incorporated Associations

In progress

In progress

In progress

In progress

QLD Incorporated Associations

Red tape reduction - fundraising

  Report once Common audit thresholds Exempt from license






In progress

In progress



















*Charities must notify their intention to fundraise in SA, but do not apply for a license

Recent developments

The ACNC has extended the transitional reporting arrangements until the end of the 2017 reporting period. This means the ACNC will accept financial reports prepared for some state and territory incorporated associations, co-operatives and charitable fundraising regulators as meeting ACNC requirements.

These reports will still need to be provided to the ACNC, but they can be provided in the same format used for state and territory reporting purposes.

From 1 July 2017, there are streamlined reporting arrangements for incorporated associations and fundraisers in the ACT.

Further information

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