ACNC charity compliance decisions

From December 2012, every charity registered with the ACNC must meet certain obligations and responsibilities under the ACNC Act 2012. Charities play an important role in building public trust and confidence in the Australian not-for-profits sector by meeting these. We follow our published regulatory approach when regulating charities, which includes providing guidance, education and other support, as well as taking action where necessary.

The ACNC has a range of formal penalties and powers it can use in regulating charities, as well as being able to apply penalties. If we use of any of these formal powers we must publish this on the ACNC Register.

The ACNC can apply penalties if a charity makes false or misleading statements or fails to lodge documents in time. Information about penalties will not be published.

Appeal or review of compliance decisions

Charities have a period of 60 days after they are notified of a compliance decision made by the ACNC (such as to revoke registration, issue a direction or refuse to remit a penalty) to apply for an internal review of this decision.


16 June 2017 - Queensland Independent College Ltd

7 June 2017 - #ChangingLivesProject Ltd

21 April 2017 - Townsville Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Cultural Centre Cooperative Society Limited

11 April 2017 - Downs Aborigines And Islanders Company Limited

24 March 2017 - St Nicholas Home For The Aged

27 February 2017 - Nest Egg Guardians

10 February 2017 - Gulf Aboriginal Development Company Limited

9 February 2017 - Walking Wounded Ltd

25 January 2017 - Brighter Horizons Limited

18 January 2017 - Harvest Angels Inc

13 January 2017 - Catch The Fire Ministries Inc

15 December 2016 - Camp Gallipoli Foundation Incorporated

7 December 2016 -  Shaolin Temple Foundation

23 November 2016 - Southside Housing Aboriginal Corporation

18 November 2016 - Islamic Development Organisation Incorporated

18 November 2016 - International Development Organisation

10 November 2016 - Diamond's House Of Faith

12 October 2016 - Village Green Community Foundation

15 August 2016 - The Trustee For The Afg Charities Trust

15 August 2016 - Australian Bunker And Military Museum Pty Ltd

3 August 2016 - Kids Cancer Relief NSW Inc

25 July 2016 - Ethan Affordable Housing Limited

30 June 2016 - The Trustee For The Turner Foundation

30 June 2016 - The Trustee for Gulf and West Queensland Economic Foundation Limited Trust

30 June 2016 - Angelorum Limited

17June 2016 - Newcastle Night Angels Homeless Care Incorporated

16 June 2016 - St Andrews Children Neighbourhood Centre Inc

16 June 2016 - Balranald Aboriginal Health Service Incorporated

16 June 2016 - Xin Yi Dai Inc

2 February 2016 – Help Save The Furry Ones

2 February 2016 – White Ridge Rescue Inc

11 September 2015 – Adult Stem Cell Foundation Australia Limited

5 June 2015 – Mature Age Group Charity Association

1 April 2015 – Get Rid of Sids Project Inc

10 March 2015 – Young People For Tomorrow Ltd

10 March 2015 – The Trustee For First 24 Hrs Foundation

3 March 2015 – Mununjali Traditional Custodians Limited

5 February 2015 – The Trustee For The Balls 4 Life Foundation

16 January 2015 – Foundation Of Public Safety Professionals

5 September 2014 – New Connection Church

22 July 2014 – Care for Kids Foundation of Australia Ltd

22 July 2014 – Indigenous Foundation of Australia

30 June 2014 – Arthur Crawford Foundation

Enforceable Undertakings

17 August 2016 - Australian Federation of Islamic Councils

An undertaking was accepted by the ACNC Commissioner from the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils Incorporated for the purpose of Division 90 of the ACNC Act to address a number of concerns.

3 February 2015 - Yipirinya School Council Inc

The ACNC agreed to an Enforceable Undertaking with the Yipirinya School Council Inc to address a number of concerns.


26 May 2014 – The New Connection Church Incorporated

The ACNC provided a direction to The New Connection Church Incorporated as it failed to respond to advice from the ACNC in relation to filing relevant information in its 2013 Annual Information Statement, updating its responsible persons and providing additional information. 


10 September 2015 Islamic Society Of Belconnen

The ACNC issued a warning to the Islamic Society of Belconnen for failing to comply with its reporting, governance, record keeping and duty to notify obligations.

28 April 2014 - The New Connection Church Incorporated

The ACNC issued a warning advising The New Connection Church that it has breached the ACNC Act by failing to lodge its 2013 Annual Information Statement.

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