IT Upgrade Project

Users of the ACNC website and ACNC Charity Portal may have noticed issues recently with the stability, speed and reliability of our sites.

We’d like to apologise for the inconveniences caused, and reassure all users that our IT team is doing everything possible to maintain a stable and accessible website.

The ACNC is currently in the process of implementing a $3 million project to upgrade our IT systems, delivering better speeds and functionality across the ACNC’s IT infrastructure.

The range of improvements will include:

  • The speed and functionality of the Charity Portal, which will make submitting Annual Information Statements quicker, and easier.
  • Updating our website design and layout, so it is more user-friendly for those looking for information to manage their charity, or those looking for information about charities and the sector more broadly.
  • Improving the accessibility, searchability and responsiveness of the Charity Register for donors and the public.
  • Implementing a new customer relationship management system that provides automation, workflow and quality assurance to support and streamline our internal operations.

The new ACNC website, Charity Register and Charity Portal will be online from October 2018.

Registered charities: what you need to know

So that your charity can be prepared for the upcoming changes, please ensure that your Address for Service – the official address we use to contact you – is up to date. It’s also a good idea to provide an email address for any of your charity’s responsible persons (board members). The email address you provide for a board member isn’t published on the Charity Register, however we can use it to contact your charity in the future if your Address for Service no longer reaches you.

It’s important to ensure we have up to date email addresses, as we will be contacting all charities over the coming months to provide new credentials for accessing the ACNC Charity Portal.

Everything you need to know about an address for service, including how to update it, can be found at

Due to the upcoming system changes, the 2018 Annual Information Statement will not be available to submit until October 2018.

Further information about the progress of the IT upgrade project will be provided on the ACNC’s social media channels:

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