2017 Annual Information Statement – Consultation summary Question 4

Should charities have the option to upload their Annual Reports in the AIS?

What you said

  • Yes, as long as it is optional. Some charities would like to be able to upload their Annual Report so their entry on the Charity Register provides comprehensive information.
  • This is a good idea because our Annual Report includes much more meaningful information about our activities and performance than can be provided in the AIS.
  • The ACNC is not, and should not be, the public interface between charities and the sector.  The portal should only be used as a means to ensure that the charity is registered and compliant with its obligations.
  • This will create an unfair playing field. At most, charities should only be able to link to their Annual Report.

What we have done

We hope that allowing charities to provide an Annual Report as part of the AIS will help them demonstrate their important work. This will continue to improve public trust and confidence in the charity sector.

We will allow charities to provide their Annual Report by:
  • including a link to their website which holds their Annual Report, or
  • including their Annual Report in their AIS.