2017 Annual Information Statement – Consultation summary Question 9

Do you have any suggestions to improve the functionality of the AIS?

What you said

  • A technology-based solution should be developed to enable the ACNC to capture financial information from the statutory financial reports to eliminate duplication.
  • There should be a checklist of information required. Also, you should be able to download the form prior to completion.
  • The form should automatically total the financial information.
  • Introduction of drop down options, where appropriate, will assist in data integrity. Pre-filling data will reduce the time taken to complete the form, but encourages no changes to the status quo.
  • Use plain English and technological improvements to make the form easier.
  • You need to be able to access an entire list of the questions because I need to send some questions to the HR manager and some to the finance team. It is frustrating that you cannot access the questions until you have completed previous ones. It makes completing the AIS a drawn-out process. The software functionality also needs to improve; it is slow, clunky and often has errors.

What we have done

  • We have improved the AIS by reintroducing auto-calculation and including other improvements.
  • We will continue to see what improvements can be made to the AIS for 2017 and will seek feedback on additional guidance required for the 2017 AIS.