Find a charity on the ACNC Register: search tips

About the ACNC Register

The Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) maintains a public database of the organisations we have registered as charities on this website. We call this database the ACNC Register. To be registered as a charity and appear on the Register, organisations must meet the legal meaning of being a charity, and other requirements of the ACNC Act. Find out more about the information shown on the ACNC Register.

You can also find the people responsible for directing a charity which are the members of a charity's governing body. Search the register by responsible person.

Search Tips Download charity data
  1. You don’t need to fill in all the search fields. You can search on just one search field to return results.
  2. The more fields you fill in, the narrower your search results will be (unless you’re searching by a specific ABN or name).
  3. Searching by ABN or name will give you the best result if you are looking for a specific charity.
  4. Results are returned in alphabetical order by charity name. You can change the order of results by clicking on the column header – ABN, name, suburb/town, state, postcode, beneficiaries, sub-type.
  5. To clear your search, refresh the browser window or press Ctrl and F5.