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About the ACNC Register

The ACNC Register contains information about the more than 59 000 charities registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC).

The charities listed on the Register have met the ACNC’s legal meaning of being a charity and other requirements under our Act, and have ongoing obligations to the ACNC, including keeping their information on the Register up-to-date. Other not-for-profits will not appear on the Register. Find out more about information on the ACNC Register and information that may be withheld from the Register.

Using the Register

If you are responsible for a charity, you can check its details on the Register, and update them using the Charity Portal. You can also use the Register if you are looking for information about a charity, for example, if you want to donate or volunteer.

You can do a quick search using a charity name or ABN, or a more advanced search to find charities based on, for example, where they are located or operate, who they help, what charitable purpose (‘charity subtype’) they have (such as advancing education), or the names and roles of the responsible people for a charity, such as its board or committee members or trustees.

If you want to use the information about a large number of charities (for example, for research purposes), you can download most of the data on the Register as one dataset.

Our compliance decisions

The ACNC has a duty to ensure registered charities meet certain obligations and responsibilities to help build and maintain public trust and confidence in the charity sector. When we undertake compliance activity we may:

  • Provide regulatory advice
  • Recommend steps the charity should take to address issues identified
  • Require the charity to have its accounts audited or lodge additional reports
  • Use our enforcement powers or impose administrative penalties
  • Revoke the charity’s registration
  • Refer the concern to another government agency, or
  • Decide not to take any further action.

Generally we do not publicise whether we are undertaking compliance activity. However, if we use an enforcement power or revoke registration, this will be recorded on the ACNC register. We may also publish statements on the Register if a charity does not meet certain reporting obligations. A list of ACNC decisions in relation to charities is available.

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