Checklist: protecting your charity against terrorism financing

Meet governance standard 2: accountability to members

Summary: charities that have members must take reasonable steps to be accountable to their members and provide them with adequate opportunity to raise concerns about how the charity is governed.

Does your charity keep its members informed of its activities and give them the opportunity to raise concerns?

This standard requires charities to be accountable to members. If your charity is transparent to members about the activities your charity undertakes, members will be in a position to understand the charity’s operations and raise questions relating to governance.

Questions to ask your charity

  • Does your charity have an annual report which outlines the activities and financial circumstances of the charity?
  • Does your charity report on the outcomes from programs?
  • Does your charity hold annual general meetings to allow members an opportunity to raise any concerns?
  • Have there been any changes for your charity that have not been explained to its members?
  • Does your charity submit its Annual Information Statement to the ACNC that includes details of its activities overseas, the countries where it operates or sends money, the beneficiaries it assists and its  financial activity?
  • Does your charity have a clear and accessible complaints-handling mechanism?

Steps you can take