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The ACNC provides online training sessions for charities on topics we have identified that there is a demand for more information and education on.

How to participate in an ACNC Webinar

A webinar is a seminar or presentation that is delivered online, using your computer. The ACNC delivers webinars using a piece of third-party software called GoToMeeting.

You can participate in these sessions from your computer or your mobile device (smart phone or tablet).

A free webinar app is available from all app stores.

You can download the GoToMeeting app for Android, Apple or Windows:

To register, select your preferred session below. All webinars start at 12pm AEST (Australian Eastern Standard/Summer Time) unless specified otherwise.

Please note the dates and sessions listed are subject to change.

Upcoming webinars for 2016

Topic Date Register

Welcome to the board

6 September 2016 Register  

Just joined a board? We invite you to join us for this webinar designed especially for newly elected charity board or committee members. We will cover some of the responsibilities of board members, including duties under the ACNC Act.


Completed 2016 ACNC webinars

Topic Date Completed

What does the Australian charity sector look like?  

28 Jan 2016 Completed  

The ACNC Policy and Education teams and the University of NSW's Centre for Social Impact share their key research findings based on the Annual Information Statements submitted to the ACNC by over 34 000 charities. The team will answer your questions live and discuss the implications of this research for the sector.



Before you apply to register a charity

9 Feb 2016 Completed  

If you are thinking about registering a charity with the ACNC, or want to know if your charity could be a deductible gift recipient (DGR), this session is for you. We will cover what you need before applying to be a charity, including your charitable purpose, not-for-profit status, legal structure and more. The ATO's Not-for-profit team will make available information about which organisations are eligible for DGR status, what other tax concessions are available and what these mean for an organisation.


Welcome to the board

9 March 2016 Completed  

The purpose of this webinar is to introduce you to being a board member of a charity registered with the ACNC


Now that you're a registered charity

5 April 2016 Completed

If you’ve recently registered a charity with the ACNC, this session iwill help you gain an understanding of the obligations your charity has to the ACNC and when you are required to take action and report to us.

Who regulates charities?

3 May 2016 Completed  
An open webinar that will look at the roles of different agencies involved in regulating and endorsing charities, such as the ATO, ASIC, the Office of the Registrar of Indigenous Corporations, state and territory consumer affairs and revenue agencies, and other agencies such as the Department of Education and Training. It will look at the work of different agencies, such as the ACNC, to try to reduce regulatory burden.

Reporting to the ACNC - the Annual Information Statement

7 June 2016 Completed  

This webinar will give you detailed information about what your charity is required to report to the ACNC, including the financial reporting elements. This is a great session to attend in preparing to submit your next Annual Information Statement. This session will be repeated in December 2016.


Before you apply to register

12 July 2016 Completed  

A repeat of our popular session from earlier in the year, this webinar is for anyone thinking about registering a charity with the ACNC. We will cover all you need to know about the registration process, including the information you need to be registered, and look at eligibility for DGR status and other tax concessions from the ATO.


Meeting the ACNC’s Governance Standards

9 August 2016 Completed  

This webinar will cover the ACNC governance standards. It will go through all five of the standards and help you understand how they apply to your charity. We will explore governance issues in detail using some case studies, as well as busting some common governance myths.


Webinar Series for 2015

Please choose from the topics in the link below - you will find a link to the webinar video and presentation slides for the 2015 Webinar series .

Webinar times are in Eastern Standard Time (EST).

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Webinar times are in Eastern Standard Time (EST).

Subscribe to our email updates to be notified of future ACNC webinars.

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