Commissioner's Interpretation Statement - Health Promotion Charities

The purpose of this Commissioner’s Interpretation Statement is to provide guidance to ACNC staff, charities and the public on the meaning and scope of the charity subtype of ‘health promotion charity’ (HPC).

Attention - Important information!Health Promotion Charity description in the ACNC Act:

An institution whose principal activity is to promote the prevention or the control of diseases in human beings

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Version Date of effect Brief summary of change
Version 1 – Initial statement 12/05/2015 Initial statement endorsed by Commissioner on 12/05/2015
Version 2 - Amendment 19/12/2016 Amendments made to point 4 to provide consistency with CIS 2016/03 – Public Benevolent Institutions
Version 3 - Amendment 02/03/2017 Minor amendment to point 4.4.2 to correct a drafting error.