Managing conflicts of interest guide -
Introduction from the Commissioner

The people on a charity’s board make an enormous contribution to their charity's work and to their community. Board members bring their experience, expertise and commitment to the board table and, across Australia, are doing wonderful things for the community through these roles.

One of the fundamental responsibilities of board members is to always act in the best interests of the charity and in a way that furthers its charitable purpose. There may be times when a personal interest can come into conflict with this responsibility, but through good governance, these conflicts can be identified and resolved, or even prevented.

The charity sector in Australia has built a reputation for integrity, ethical behaviour and trust. Indeed, charities are among the most trusted organisations in our community. This reputation inspires the confidence of donors and volunteers and is essential to the work of the charity sector.

Having a robust process in place to respond to conflicts of interest helps to ensure that this good reputation can be sustained.

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