Managing charity money - a guide for board members on managing finances and meeting ACNC duties

Introduction from the Commissioner

Australian charities have a record of the prudent and innovative use of resources to achieve their missions. Whether it is money, property or even the time of volunteers, all charities leverage their resources to pursue their charitable work for the benefit of the community.

Using resources effectively and ensuring that they are protected appropriately is one of the key responsibilities of the people who manage a charity. The Australian community has high expectations of charities in the way that they use their resources, especially those who own property on behalf of a community or who solicit public donations in their work.

This guide provides insights into good practice in financial management, focusing on practical steps that charities can take to ensure that their finances are used appropriately and protected from misuse. It also explains the obligations that charities have to the ACNC with regard to their finances such as providing financial reports and ensuring that they operate as not-for-profits.

Through the determination of people who work in charities and the generosity of the Australian public, charities have access to a range of resources to assist them in pursuing their charitable purposes. I am delighted to present this guide to the charity sector to support them to ensure that their resources are safe, secure and used effectively.