Analysis of Annual Information Statements for 2016

The improvements to the 2016 AIS are expected to significantly reduce the amount of errors.

In addition to errors in financial reporting, the analysis of the 2016 AIS submissions will focus on other error types, such as charities incorrectly reporting as a Basic Religious Charity.

In line with its strategic objectives, the ACNC will increase the number of charities subjected to a financial statement review.


As the 2014 AIS was the first for which charities were required to provide financial information, the ACNC’s focus was on educating the charity sector.

However, the ACNC has found that charities still report incorrectly. As the analysis has shown, there appears to be a lack of awareness of the ACNC’s financial reporting requirements. 

The ACNC will continue to provide education and guidance to address this, including:

  • communicating the findings of this project to charities, professional bodies including auditors and accountants, and
  • improving guidance and information on the ACNC website. 

While the provision of education and guidance is critical to improving charities’ reporting, the ACNC also recognise that the functionality of the online AIS form has an important role to play.

With the improvements to the 2016 AIS, the ACNC expects the rate of errors to decrease significantly in comparison to those of the 2014 and 2015 AISs.

The ACNC will continue to refine the AIS to make it easier for charities to comply with ACNC obligations.