What the ACNC has done

Improvements to the AIS

The ACNC has made changes to the AIS to minimise errors and improve the submission process.

From the 2016 AIS, the online form will:

  • calculate totals automatically (which will eliminate most calculation errors)
  • compare a charity’s total revenue with its size. The charity will not be able to submit its AIS unless its total revenue matches its declared size (except for charities with an approved size dispensation)
  • contain a financial item line for other comprehensive income; and
  • ask charities if they are providing a consolidated annual financial report. If a charity answers that it is, it will be reminded to provide only the information about the registered charity (not the associated unregistered entities).

Education and guidance

From August to November 2016, the ACNC hosted 26 information sessions in regional and metropolitan locations in Australia. As part of these sessions, the ACNC provided basic financial training which explained the most common errors in the AIS and how charities can avoid them in future.

In October 2016, the ACNC published the top 10 tips for submitting the 2016 AIS.
The ACNC continues to provide specific guidance to charities, but there may be a further need to:

  • provide additional guidance on the difference between revenue and income
  • raise the profile of the National Standard Chartered Of Accounts (NSCOA) in the charity sector, and
  • produce specific reporting checklists for charities that helps them avoid making errors in the AIS.