Classification of charity size

Section 205-25 of the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission Act 2012 (Cth) (the ACNC Act) categorises charities into three sizes based on annual revenue:

  • Small charity: annual revenue less than $250,000
  • Medium charity: annual revenue between $250,000 and $999,999
  • Large charity: annual revenue $1 million or more.

Reporting statistics for the 2015 Annual Information Statement (as at 30 November 2016)

1. By 30 November 2016, the ACNC had received 46,292 2015 AIS submissions. Of these submissions, 30,500 were from small charities, 7,374 were from medium charities and 8,418 were from large charities.

Figure A – 2015 AIS submissions according to charity size

2. Of the charities that provided an annual financial report with their 2015 AIS submission, 11,528 indicated that theirs had also been provided to a state or territory regulator (5,464 small charities, 3,080 medium charities and 2,984 large charities).

3. Of the total 2015 AIS submissions, 7,095 charities classified themselves as a Basic Religious Charity (BRC) (6,008 small charities, 887 medium charities and 200 large charities). As such, these charities did not provide any financial information.

Figure 2 – Basic Religious Charities according to charity size

4. Of the 2015 AIS submissions from small charities, 17,393 reported that they used cash accounting, 6,952 reported that they used accrual accounting and 6,155 (mostly BRCs) did not provide a response.

5. Of the 2015 AIS submissions from medium and large charities, the annual financial reports provided were as follows:

Table 1 – Types of financial statements submitted according to charity size.