Keeping your charity size

Sometimes, an unusual event may mean that your charity’s size changes for just one reporting period.  If your charity's size changes and you think that your charity is likely to return to its former size in future reporting periods, you can apply to the ACNC for your charity to continue to be recognised as its former size (and therefore not have to meet the higher reporting obligations of a medium or large charity).

Case study: keeping charity size

Hove Help Centre usually receives an annual revenue of less than $250 000 and is classified as a small charity under the ACNC Act.

Last year the centre had an annual revenue of $240 000. In the current reporting period the centre received a bequest of $500 000. This unique bequest will increase Hove Help Centre’s annual revenue to $740 000. This means the centre will be classified as a medium sized charity for the current reporting period.

Percy Pound, the centre’s financial manager, was concerned that he would have to prepare either reviewed or audited financial reports to submit to the ACNC, as medium charities need to do.

He applied to the ACNC for Hove Help Centre to be recognised as its former size, small. The ACNC approved the application and the centre can continue to notify of changes and report as a small charity for this reporting period.

For future reporting periods, Hove Help Centre will go back to their original annual revenue of less than $250 000 and remain a small charity.

How do I apply to keep my charity size?

Before you complete your Annual Information Statement (AIS), you must complete and submit a copy of Form 4D: Apply to keep charity size to the ACNC.

Do not submit your AIS prior to receiving confirmation from the ACNC about your charity’s size.

In Form 4D you will be asked:

  • your charity’s ABN and Name, and
  • the annual revenue for the:
    • previous reporting period
    • current reporting period
    • next reporting period (best estimate if the reporting period has not ended).

The form will also ask you to describe the unusual event that has led to a jump in your annual revenue.
The ACNC will then write to inform you of our decision and include a paper copy of the AIS for your charity to fill in and return.
The paper copy of the AIS can be returned to the ACNC by:

  • Email:
  • Post: Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission

GPO Box 5108

  • Fax: 1300 232 569

For more information, contact ACNC Advice Services on: 13ACNC (13 22 62).