The ACNC regularly reviews its policies, procedures and forms to ensure they remain current, consistent with internal practice, and reflective of best practice. The new Australian Government Regulator Performance Framework (RPF) also requires regulators to review their policies and procedures in light of the framework. For both of these purposes, we have conducted a minor review of the ACNC's Regulatory Approach Statement, in consultation with our user groups, the Sector User Group and Professional User Group.
The ACNC's inaugural regulatory approach statement, published in April 2013, was the product of extensive consultation with the sector and professionals, including workshops, online survey, and written submissions. Acknowledging this, and feedback that the Statement is largely sound, we have taken a conservative approach to updating it.

What we have changed
We have focussed on improving clarity and addressing any omissions or out-of-date information, and ensuring consistency with current and best practice.
The main changes are:

  • redrafting the functions section to improve clarity
  • the inclusion of our legislated regulatory principles
  • updating the section on how we assess risk to accord with current practice
  • revising regulatory pyramid text to improve consistency with the ACNC Act and compliance practice.


We welcome feedback on the draft revised Regulatory Approach Statement:Feedback can be provided to We will be accepting feedback on this draft throughout October 2015 (from Monday 28 September 2015 to Friday 30 October 2015). We will then consider feedback and publish the revised Regulatory Approach Statement at the end of November: Monday 30 November 2015. Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission Regulatory Approach Statement (PDF 298KB)
(Adobe PDF File) Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission Regulatory Approach Statement (Word 210KB)