Section 3 – Report on performance

Service standards

The ACNC aims to provide excellent customer service in all interactions with the public and charities. We have set service standards to reflect our high expectations and to guide our customers on what they can expect from us.

For the first year of operation, the ACNC established time-bound benchmarks that reflected our aspirations to deliver high quality and efficient services to our customers. In 2013–14 the ACNC will further develop the service standards including targets against each benchmark using the data collated in the first year of operation.

Table 3.1: Service standards performance, 2012–13

Registrations Benchmark % Achieved
Acknowledge registration applications 1 day 100.0%
Notify customer of Case Officer allocation and request for further information to process application 5 days 71.0%
Combined time for ACNC to determine charitable status and Australian Taxation Office to decide on tax concession 85% within 28 days 95.6%
Telephone general and complex enquiries 1 day 99.9%
Correspondence general – email and paper 2 days 98.0%
Correspondence complex – email and paper 5 days 96.2%
Change of registered details (forms) 2 days 85.0%
Complaint about a charity – acknowledgement 2 days 100.0%
Complaint about a charity – advice to complainant after investigation completion 5 days 100.0%
Complaint about the ACNC – acknowledgement 2 days 100.0%
Complaint about the ACNC – assessment, investigation and resolution 21 days 100.0%
Investigation initial evaluation advice 14 days 84.0%
Investigation completion 6 months 100.0%
Investigation notification of outcome 5 days 100.0%
Freedom of Information (FOI) and Privacy *
Acknowledge all requests for access to information 5 days N/A
Response to general information requests (not falling under FOI and Privacy Acts) 30 days (plus statutory extensions) N/A
Response to Freedom of Information Act requests 30 days N/A
Response to Privacy Act requests 30 days N/A

* No FOI or Privacy Act requests were received by the ACNC for the year.

Compliments and complaints about the ACNC

The ACNC received 156 written compliments during the financial year.

Key themes from compliments included the:

  • quality of information provided
  • promptness of response to enquiries
  • quality and efficiency of registration service
  • professionalism and empathy shown by ACNC staff.

This feedback is greatly encouraging as the ACNC has endeavoured to position itself as approachable and helpful to the sector.

Examples from our compliments:

“I have only just become incorporated in Australia and I expected the registration process to be a nightmare of paperwork. However, I had attended a workshop and was inspired to go online and have a go. And it was really straight forward.” ( STOP THE TRAFFIK – the first charity to be newly registered with the ACNC)
‘My experience working with three grassroots non-government organisations/charities is that ACNC has been fantastic. The website and processes are an extraordinary improvement already. The staff have been exceptionally helpful on phone and online, and have dealt with questions very promptly and well. You are doing an excellent job – keep up the good work.’

The ACNC published a complaints and compliments policy on its website. Complaints can be made by email, fax, or by phone (13 ACNC).

The ACNC received 19 complaints during the year. The complaints were about the:

  • limited number of online services currently available
  • ACNC collection of personal information about responsible entities (e.g. date of birth)
  • requirement to report to state governments and the ACNC
  • Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission Act 2012 (Cth) (ACNC Act) and particular terminology used in the ACNC Act
  • ACNC sending letters to individuals who no longer work at an organisation.

In all instances the complainants were contacted and a resolution was reached, such as the provision of an explanation or (where the complaints were about the legislation) the complainants were referred to Commonwealth Treasury as the central agency with policy responsibility for the ACNC Act.

No complaints were made to the Commonwealth Ombudsman about the ACNC.