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Register my charity
Before you start a charity
Why register
Charity tax concessions
Other Commonwealth concessions and exemptions
Who can apply to be registered
Step 1: Not-for-profit?
Step 2: Charitable purpose?
Step 3: Benefit the public?
Step 4: Other rules for registration?
Legal meaning of charity
Legal structure
Charitable purpose
Charity subtypes
Public benefit
Register my charity type
Template governing documents
Apply to register now
Registration checklist
The registration process and FAQ
ACNC registration application guide
Register a charity: case study
Resume registration application
Manage my charity
Manage my charity
Ongoing obligations - ACNC duties
1. Keep charity status
2. Notify of changes
3. Keep records
Examples of records
Record-keeping checklist
4. Report annually
Charity size and revenue
Report annually - small charity
Report annually - medium charity
Report annually - large charity
2016 reporting
About the Annual Information Statement
ACNC and data integrity
Reporting - due dates
Related party transaction
Transitional reporting arrangements
Cash and accrual accounting
Financial statements - General and special purpose
Review and audit of financial reports
Review and audit - practical tips
Group reporting and bulk lodgement
National Standard Chart of Accounts (NSCOA)
Financial reporting mapped to NSCOA
Withhold information from the ACNC Register
5. Meet governance standards
1. Not-for-profit and working towards purpose
2. Accountability to members
3. Compliance Australian law
4. Suitability of responsible persons
5. Duties of responsible persons
ACFID Code and the governance standards
Manage charity money
Manage charity risk
Protecting against the risk of terrorism financing
Checklist: protect against the risk of terrorism financing
Manage my charity type
Basic religious charities
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander charities
Change my charity subtype
Wind up, merge or change legal structure
Wind up my charity
Merge my charity
Change my charity's legal structure
ASIC ORIC and other regulators
Companies limited by guarantee
Indigenous corporations
When to contact ORIC or ACNC
Non-government schools
Tools and resources
ACNC webinars
Find a charity
Find a charity
Registered Charity Tick
Terms and conditions of use
Information on ACNC Register
Withheld information
Donating or volunteering
Donating or volunteering during a natural disaster
Disqualified persons register
Understanding financial information
Double defaulters
Recently registered charities
Where are you?
Late charities
Publications and resources
Factsheets, guides and tips
Media centre
Media releases
Commissioner's Columns
Latest news
Videos and audio
Data in the 2015 Annual Information Statement
Reporting statistics for the 2015 Annual Information Statement
Approach used to identify errors
Level one check : identifying material errors
Level two check : comparing the financial information
Level three check : detailed annual financial report
What the ACNC has done
Analysis of Annual Information Statements for 2016
Australian Charities Report 2015
Australian Charities Report 2014
Australian charities involved overseas
Common errors in 2014 financial reporting
Compliance reports
Curtin University NFP Initiative Research Report
Australia's faith-based charities report
Corporate policies
Memoranda of Understanding
Protocol with Treasury
ACNC interpretation statements
About ACNC
ACNC's role
Regulating charities
How we ensure charities meet their obligations
Transitional approach
Areas of concern in charity regulation
ACNC charity compliance decisions
Failing to submit an Annual Information Statement
Regulatory approach statement
Red tape reduction
Charity Passport
ACNC sector research
Background to the NFP sector
Research resources
Corporate information
Vision and mission
Our leaders
ACNC Advisory Board
Organisational structure
Service standards
Corporate plan
Corporate Policies
Memoranda of Understanding
Annual Reports
Section 1 – Review by the Commissioner
Section 2 – ACNC overview
Section 3 – Report on performance
Section 4 – Management and accountability
Section 5 – Appendicies
Read or download full report
Letter of transmittal
Section 1
Section 2
Section 3
Section 4
Section 5
2015 - 2016
Aboriginal Communities Engagement Strategy
Regulator Performance Framework measures
Diversity and inclusion
Stakeholder Engagement Framework
ACNC legislation
Review and appeals
Internal review
Reviews by the AAT
Appeal to a court
Freedom of information
Information Publication Scheme
IPS agency plan
Disclosure log
FOI and IPS contact details
Site information
ACNC glossary
Privacy policy
List of regulators
Useful links
Contact us
How to contact the ACNC
Information the ACNC provides
Translation and interpreter services
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander charities
Raise a concern about a charity
Internal disputes
Public consultation and comment
2017 Annual Information Statement – Consultation summary
Consultation question 1
Consultation question 2
Consultation question 3
Consultation question 4
Consultation question 5
Consultation question 6
Consultation question 7
Consultation question 8
Consultation question 9
Exposure draft - Public Benevolent Institutions - Closed
Australian Charities Report 2015 - sector events
Australian Charities Report 2015 - sector event presentations
Information sessions and speaking events
Ask ACNC sessions
ACNC Basics sessions
Community presentations
Curtin Charities 2013 Report - events
Briefings for charities involved overseas
Provide feedback
Sign up to email updates
Social media
ACNC social media terms and conditions