2017 Annual Information Statement – Consultation summary Question 1

Should the ACNC collect information on full-time-equivalent (FTE) staff instead of headcount figures?

What you said

  • Include both FTE and headcount. They provide different information.
  • It depends on how the information will assist the ACNC. If FTE is more meaningful for the ACNC’s analysis, then it is a good idea. It makes no difference to the reporting burden on charities.
  • It is difficult to see the advantage of this if the period for which you’re collecting the information is the last pay period. It is very difficult to calculate for casuals and will be an additional burden. 
  • The sector will lose data on the trends in employment practices if the question is changed.
  • This will provide a more accurate report of our paid workforce.
  • If implemented, there will need to be significant guidance to reduce confusion.

What we have done

  • We will ask charities to provide information on FTE staff. This will help identify whether private benefits exist and will enable us to target our compliance work. This will also improve transparency and protect public trust and confidence in the sector.
  • This question will be optional for small charities and mandatory for medium and large charities.
  • We will develop guidance on FTE, including a tool to calculate a charity’s FTE number.
  • Although we originally proposed that this question would replace the question on headcount numbers, participants supported this as an additional question. Therefore, we have decided to ask both questions.