Late charities

Overdue 2016 Annual Information Statements

Charities have an ongoing obligation to report information to the ACNC each reporting period by submitting Annual Information Statements. Generally, all charities must submit their Annual Information

Statement within six months from the end of their reporting period.

The ACNC will send reminder letters to each charity prior to their due dates, as well as communicating reminders via the Commissioner’s Column and in other media. If charities do not submit on time, the ACNC will send warning letters after the due dates have passed.

If a charity does not submit its Annual Information Statement and takes no action to try to do so, the ACNC will:

  • issue penalty notices if we find the charity is deliberately not meeting its obligation to report, and/or
  • publish a red-mark on their ACNC Charity Register listing if they are more than six months overdue.

Charities who do not submit an Annual Information Statement for two consecutive years risk their registration being revoked by the ACNC. Charities that have their ACNC registration revoked lose their entitlements to Commonwealth charity tax concessions.

The ACNC has published a suite of free resources at to help charities complete their submissions.These include a checklist,How-to videos and a step-by-step guide.

Download the list of charities with overdue 2016 Annual information Statements as of 9 October 2017 below.