Checklist: protecting your charity against the risk of terrorism financing

Your charity will reduce the risk of it being misused for terrorism financing if it:

  • has strong governance arrangements (including financial controls, risk management policies and procedures and appropriate due diligence)
  • keeps appropriate records and reports annually to the ACNC, and
  • has an ongoing practice of reviewing and strengthening its internal controls (for example, policies, procedures, delegations of decision making powers, record management systems, financial management systems and tools).

Download checklist as a PDF document:

Checklist: Protecting your charity against the risk of terrorism financing (PDF 239KB)

Compliance with the ACNC governance standards will assist your charity to reduce the risk of being misused for terrorism financing. The ACNC governance standards are a set of core, minimum standards that deal with how charities are run (including their processes, activities and relationships) – their governance.

The checklist below can help you identify whether your charity is meeting the ACNC governance standards and other ACNC obligations in ways that reduce the risk of being misused for terrorism financing.

Attention - Important information!If your charity is a basic religious charity it should consider implementing these governance measures to ensure it is protected against the risk of being misused for terrorism financing.

Meet governance standard 1: Purposes and not-for-profit nature

Does your charity take steps to make sure that its activities overseas agree with its purpose and its character as a not-for-profit?

Does your charity do its due diligence to know its partners who are carrying out its activities or supporting it with fund and asset transfers?

Meet governance standard 2: accountability to members

Does your charity keep its members informed of its activities and give them the opportunity to raise concerns?

Meet governance standard 3: compliance with Australian law

Does your charity check that it does not provide support to the individuals and organisations associated with terrorism, or contravene Australian sanctions laws?

Meet governance standard 4: suitability of responsible persons

What steps has your charity taken to make sure its responsible persons are suitable?

Meet governance standard 5: duties of responsible persons

Does your charity equip its responsible persons so they understand your charity’s unique risks, including the terrorism financing risks in the locations where your charity operates?

Does your charity have financial controls that promote transparency and accountability?

Meet record-keeping obligations

Does your charity keep up to date financial and operational records, including records of its activities and the details of any third parties involved?

Meet notification obligations

Does you charity have a policy on what to do if they notice any suspicious activity?

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