Australian Charities Report 2015

About the research

This report is the most comprehensive record to date of the Australian charity sector - and builds on Australian Charities Reports in previous years.

Produced by the Centre for Social Impact in partnership with the Social Policy Research Centre at the University of New South Wales, the report analyses data submitted through the 2015 Annual Information Statement from over 51,000 charities registered with the ACNC.

Key findings

  • Charities have combined total income of over $134 billion, an increase of 2%
  • The largest 10% of charities receive 90% of the sector’s income
  • Donations grew by 2.4% to $11.2 billion
  • Charities employ over 1.2 million staff – 10% of Australia’s workforce
  • Four out of five charities engage volunteers, and there are 3 million volunteers overall
  • 38% of registered charities have deductible gift recipient status


In May 2017, the ACNC published Australia’s Smallest Charities 2015, a special report based on the 2015 dataset.

More information

Read our media release here.

Download the full report, two-page infographic summary, and find the user-friendly data cube at