Welcome to the ACNC charity application form

Before you begin, have a look at registration checklist to ensure you have all the information you need to fully complete the form.

Attention - Important information!Not providing all the information requested, or providing inaccurate information, will delay your application.

We have provided a list of the common issues that delay applications. Make sure you address these when completing your application to avoid delays:

  • The application is missing details of the organisation’s Responsible Persons. Make sure the details of all the Responsible Persons are included.
  • The number of Responsible Persons listed in the application is inconsistent with what is required by the organisation’s governing document (its constitution, rules or trust deed). Make sure the number of Responsible Persons is correct.
  • The organisation’s governing document does not show the organisation’s not-for-profit character (with an appropriate clause) or list its purposes (its objects). Make sure the governing document has these details.
  • The organisation’s information on the Australian Business Register is inaccurate (for example, the name is different or the entity type is incorrect). Make sure the information is correct by checking ABN Lookup.
  • The organisation applies for categories (known as subtypes) for which it is not eligible, or provides inadequate information to support its application for particular subtypes. Make sure the organisation only applies for appropriate subtypes.
  • Organisations that apply as a Public Benevolent Institution or a Health Promotion Charity fail to complete the required schedule and include it in the application. Make sure the schedule is complete and attached.