Step 4: Does my not-for-profit fit the other rules for registration?

As well as needing to fit the legal definition of charity, to be eligible to register your not-for-profit must:

  • have an Australian Business Number (ABN)
  • meet the Governance Standards, and
  • not be a type of organisation that cannot be registered.

Organisations that cannot be registered

Your organisation cannot be registered as a charity if it is:

  • a political party
  • a ‘government entity’ - this is part of an Australian or foreign government or one of its agencies, and some organisations established by a state or territory under a law, or
  • included in a written decision made by an Australian government agency or judge that lists it as engaging in or supporting terrorist or other criminal activities.

Also, the ACNC cannot register an individual, or a partnership (a particular legal structure) as a charity.

Find out more information about who can register with the ACNC.


Your organisation is likely to fit our criteria to register.

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Your organisation is unlikely to be able to be registered.

If you cannot or decide not to register your not-for-profit with the ACNC, it may still be eligible for some not-for-profit concessions, benefits or exemptions.

Find out more in the ATO’s guidance about not-for-profit tax concessions.

More information

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