The ACNC, as a national regulator, is required to assess its performance against the Australian Government’s Regulator Performance Framework (RPF). This framework is a core element of the government’s deregulation agenda.

The framework is designed to drive cultural change in ‘the way regulators administer regulations’ (their regulatory approach).

It consists of six ‘outcomes-based key performance indicators’ that articulate the government’s overarching expectations of regulator performance. The RPF provides accountability through requiring stakeholder validated self-assessment and reporting (along with the option of targeted external review).

The ACNC has developed a set of measures (metrics) that are used to evaluate its performance against this framework on an annual basis through self-assessment.

The results of this assessment must be validated by an external consultative body approved by the Assistant Treasurer.

The first reporting cycle to which the RPF applies was the financial year 2015–16. We publish the outcome of the ACNC’s annual self-assessment once completed.