Governance for good - the ACNC's guide for charity board members

Charities are an essential part of the fabric of Australian society and reach into every community across Australia, as well as beyond our shores.

They enrich our culture, protect our environment, educate our children, enable us to practice our faith, promote our health and wellbeing, strengthen our democracy, contribute to good public policy and advocate on behalf of individuals and communities.

Charities can do none of this without their board members. These members have the ultimate responsibility for running the charity, its property, finances and the employment of its staff and volunteers. Being a board member can be incredibly hard work and is normally unpaid, but it can also be immensely rewarding.

Remember that you are not on your own. We hope this guide will provide you with some helpful information, but if you need more help, ACNC staff are committed to supporting you and your charity in its important work.

Download the guide as a PDF: