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88 Duke St
East Fremantle WA 6158
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Charity Size
Who the charity helps
Youth - 15 to under 25
Children - aged 6 to under 15
Date established
Last reported
18 January 2021
Next report due
31 January 2022
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Summary of activities

• Primarily, to promote community awareness for the next generation of young men by providing the financial support needed to access best practice programs that improve their emotional wellbeing. • secondarily, to encourage people to talk openly about mental health by supporting peer based experiential workshops for young men and • raise and disperse funds required for educational programs, host events and support programs and do any other things that may assist in carrying out the above.

Charity programs

Program name Classification
Tomorrow Man Workshops Mental health counselling

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Financials & Documents

Annual reporting

Title Due Date Date received Download
Financial Report 2022 31 December 2022 Pending
Annual Information Statement 2022 31 December 2022 Not yet submitted
Financial Report 2021 31 January 2022 Pending
Annual Information Statement 2021 31 January 2022 Not yet submitted
Annual Information Statement 2020 31 January 2021 18 January 2021
Financial Report 2020 No due date Not required - small
Annual Information Statement 2019 31 January 2020 21 January 2020
Financial Report 2019 No due date Not required - small


Title Date Reporting Year Download
Governing Document 22 January 2019 Download


The charity's subtype history

Purpose Start Date End Date
Institution whose principal activity is to promote the prevention or control of diseases in human beings (Health Promotion Charity)(HPC) 18 January 2019
Advancing health 18 January 2019

Registration status history

Effective Date Status
18 January 2019 Registered

Enforcement action history

There have been no enforcements for this charity.