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Who the group helps
People with disabilities
People at risk of homelessness/ people experiencing homelessness
Financially disadvantaged people
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31 March 2021
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31 January 2022
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Summary of activities

Our mission: The Society is a lay Catholic organisation that aspires to live the gospel message by serving Christ in the poor with love, respect, justice, hope and joy, and by working to shape a more just and compassionate society. Our vision: The St Vincent de Paul Society aspires to be recognised as a caring lay Catholic charity offering a hand up to people in need. We do this by respecting their dignity, sharing our hope and encouraging them to take control of their own destiny. Our conferences meet regularly and undertake good works of charity for the poor, the abandoned, and victims of exclusion and adversity using The Rule as the direction of our operations. Our stakeholders: At the core of the Society’s work are the people we assist, our Vincentians, volunteers and donors. These are the people who have enabled the Society’s good works to continue. Without the generosity of our loyal donors, the resources to provide the required levels of assistance to people in need would not be available. The St Vincent de Paul Society Canberra/Goulburn helps people in need in a number of ways, giving them a ‘hand up’ to make life-changing decisions. The type of support offered differs from situation to situation, but our conferences remain central to the Society’s good works. They are the driving force that connects people in need to our support services and programs. Centres: In what are widely known in the community as the ‘Vinnies shops’, we sell quality donated clothing, furniture and other household items at affordable prices. There are 25 centres throughout the Canberra/Goulburn region. Homelessness services: We are funded by the ACT Government to provide a range of services to people at risk of or experiencing homelessness. Samaritan House has been operating for 22 years and provides crisis accommodation to men in Canberra, with priority given to men with complex and multiple needs. Our family and youth homelessness services provide accommodation and support to 762 people at risk of homelessness. Vinnies Blue Door is a drop-in centre based in Ainslie Village and provides up to 47,000 meals to 120 people who walk through its doors. Night Patrol is one of our most recognised services and visits the streets of Canberra almost every night of the year, providing engagement, material and light refreshments to people in need. Night Patrol provided 11,475 instances of support and is our only homelessness service that doesn’t receive any government funding. Our Street to Home program seeks out and provides intervention and support to people experiencing chronic rough sleeping in the ACT.

Charity programs

Program name Classification
Samaritan House Homeless refuges
Street to Home Homeless services
Family Services & Young Parents Homeless services
Blue Door Soup kitchens
Night Patrol Soup kitchens
Community Inclusion Program Social inclusion
Compeer Friendship Program Adult peer mentoring
Clemente Higher education
ActSmart Home Energy Efficiency Energy efficiency
Emergency Financial and Material Aid Basic and emergency aid

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Annual reporting

Title Due Date Date received Download
Financial Report 2022 31 December 2022 Pending
Annual Information Statement 2022 31 December 2022 Not yet submitted
Financial Report 2021 31 January 2022 Pending
Annual Information Statement 2021 31 January 2022 Not yet submitted
Financial Report 2020 31 March 2021 31 March 2021
Annual Information Statement 2020 31 March 2021 9 March 2021
Financial Report 2019 31 January 2020 31 January 2020
Annual Information Statement 2019 31 January 2020 31 January 2020
Financial Report 2018 31 March 2019 10 January 2019
Annual Information Statement 2018 31 March 2019 10 January 2019
Financial Report 2017 31 December 2017 28 March 2018
Annual Information Statement 2017 31 December 2017 28 March 2018
Financial Report 2016 31 December 2016 17 November 2016
Annual Information Statement 2016 31 December 2016 17 November 2016
Financial Report 2015 31 December 2015 13 October 2015
Annual Information Statement 2015 31 December 2015 13 October 2015
Financial Report 2014 31 December 2014 7 September 2015
Annual Information Statement 2014 31 December 2014 7 September 2015
Financial Report 2013 No due date Not required
Annual Information Statement 2013 No due date Not required


Title Date Reporting Year Download
Annual Report 12 February 2020 2019 Download
Annual Report 21 March 2019 2018 Download
Group AIS 13 October 2015 2015 Download
Group AIS 7 September 2015 2014 Download


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There have been no enforcements for this charity.