Annual Information Statement 2020

Legal Name
The New Democracy Foundation

About the charity

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NSW fundraising number: 23378
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Citizens' Juries - Technical Advice to Government
Program classification
Civic participation
Program locations
Program beneficiaries
Others - All Australians under jurisdiction of Local, State or Federal Governments

Program name
International Quality Standards for Citizens' Juries
Program classification
Civic participation
Program overseas locations
  • Belgium
  • Brazil
  • Macedonia, the former Yugoslav Republic of
  • Malawi
  • United States
Program beneficiaries
Overseas communities or charities

Program name
Practitioner Insights and Practical Learning for Citizens' Juries Facilitators
Program classification
Civic participation
Program locations
NSW, Australia
Program beneficiaries
General community in Australia

International activities undertaken
Operating overseas including delivering programs
Description of the charities international activities
newDemocracy and the United Nations Democracy Fund have a 3-year agreement centred on doing democracy differently through deliberative processes. Making democracies more inclusive requires bold and innovative reforms to bring the young, the poor, and minorities into the political system to start to address the crisis of political representation which sees people becoming less and less engaged. nDF were retained by UNDEF to produce globally applicable advice on how to operate these programs, and to operate demonstration projects in developing countries.

Our international work focuses on embedding high standards in what remains an emerging field, and work advising governments operating major projects – and organisations like the OECD working on larger comparative studies – with a view to its application in Australia being based on what is learned globally. The study affirms our commitment to fundamental standards and principles of public deliberation.
Description of the charities activities and outcomes
The newDemocracy Foundation conducts trials of innovations in democratic structure and process. Its aim is to identify processes that yield greater trust among citizens when making public
decisions. The Foundation holds the view that public trust and confidence in some areas of political decision making is low and new methods should be researched and communicated to
elected representatives at all tiers of government in a non-partisan basis. As a scientific and scholarly research organisation, we study the practical impact of citizen engagement with political processes at all levels of Government. We examine aspects of democratic renewal
including the interrelationships between different kinds of deliberative activities and Government.
Our research is focused (but not exclusively) on the responses of the community and elected representatives to the usefulness and benefits of these processes .

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1 October 2019 to 30 September 2020
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