Annual Information Statement 2014

Legal Name
Initiatives of Change Australia

Section A: Charity Information

Charity size
Basic Religious Charity

Section B: Activities

Activities in the 2014 reporting period
Main activity
Religious activities
General activities
  • International activities
  • Other
    • Conflict prevention and resolutionLife-skills trainingCommunity buildingPeace-building
Description of charity’s activities and outcomes
We have continued to work to create safe spaces to allow and encourage individual people and communities to "discover the other", to explore difference constructively, to build trust across divides, to grow spiritually, and to work actively for healing, peace, and the transformation of Australian society through "initiatives of change" starting with oneself. We have conducted seminars, conferences, training courses, meetings and retreats, partnering where appropriate with like-minded organisations. We have made use of books and other printed documents, as well as CDs, DVDs and internet-based audiovisual materials. We have responded to invitations to assist with programs launched by our sister bodies in the Asia/Pacific region and beyond, and we have supported the involvement of Australians in major annual conferences in the global centre for Initiatives of Change/Moral Re-Armament in Caux, Switzerland.
Changing or introducing activities in the next reporting period
Beneficiaries helped by charity’s activities in the 2014 reporting period
  • General community in Australia
  • Communities overseas
  • All ages
  • Migrants, refugees or asylum seekers

Section C: Resources and operating locations

Estimated number of unpaid volunteers who worked for the charity during the 2014 reporting period
  • Full time employees: 0
  • Part time employees: 1
  • Casual employees: 1
  • Volunteers: 11TO50
Where the charity operated during the 2014 reporting period
  • Australian Capital Territory
  • New South Wales
  • Queensland
  • South Australia
  • Victoria
  • Western Australia
  • Other Countries
    • KHM
    • IND
    • IDN
    • KOR
    • NZL
    • SSD
    • CHE

Section D: Reporting and regulatory obligations (This section is optional)

Commonwealth department /(s) and/or agency/agencies charity had to report to over the 2014 reporting period, excluding the ATO and ACNC

Approximate hours spent reporting by paid staff
Approximate hours spent reporting by unpaid volunteers
Total hours spent reporting

Section E: Financial information

Charity's 2014 reporting period
1 April 2014 to 27 March 2015
Financial report submitted to a state/territory regulator?
2014 Financial report
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Income and Expenses

Income Statement

Gross Income
A Government grants
B Donations and bequests
C All other revenue
D Total revenue (a+b+c)
E Other income
F Total gross income (d+e)
G Employee expenses
H Grants and donations made for use in Australia
I Grants and donations made for use outside Australia
J All other expenses
K Total expenses (g+h+i+j)
L Net surplus/deficit (f-k)

Balance Sheet extract

M Total current assets
N Total non-current assets
O Total assets (m+n)
P Total current liabilities
Q Total non-current liabilities
R Total liabilities (p+q)
S Net assets/liabilities (o-r)