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This Life Cambodia Incorporated

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NSW incorporated association number: INC9891898
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Basic Religious Charity

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  • Primary and secondary education
  • Research
  • Social services
  • Emergency and relief
  • Economic, social and community development
  • Employment and training
  • Advocacy and civic activities
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This Life Cambodia works alongside communities to develop projects that provide or enhance opportunities that benefit the lives of children and families in Cambodia. Our work is based in the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child and we work in rural and urban areas with people who face compound disadvantages resulting from and contributing to the cycle of poverty. This includes engaging with children, their families, schools, prisons, other civil service organisations and local, provincial and national governance structures.
Description of charity's activities and outcomes
This Life Cambodia (TLC) works with and alongside Cambodian communities to create sustainable and positive change, allowing them to shape a better future for the country as a whole. It has a clear philosophy and a robust methodology. It works with communities who face the greatest challenges but have the desire and the drive to enact change - what they need are the tools, training, skills and initial support to tackle their community’s specific development issues.

TLC's approach enables communities to develop the essential infrastructure and skills needed to make change and break free from poverty, as well as overcoming challenges including poor educational offerings, domestic violence and crime. The unifying factor in everything it does is it works alongside communities listening to their needs and concerns. Its staff advocate alongside children, families and community stakeholders as they design and implement their own solutions.

Its programs have evolved organically, based on experience gained as it has worked at the heart of communities, and more thoroughly identified the needs communities identify through extensive and open consultation. As a result many of its programs are interlinked. Importantly, TLC always has an entry and exit strategy for its work so that over time its involvement decreases as capacity and skills increase within communities.

Two examples of its programs include:

* This Life Beyond Bars (TLBB), which works with young adults in prison who are nearing the end of their sentence. The goal is to ease their reintegration into their communities when they are released, by providing vocational and life skills training and maintaining family connections by facilitating family visits. TLBB has worked with hundreds of young people in Siem Reap, Banteay Meanchey and Phnom Penh’s CC2 Prisons. When the program began, 60% of juveniles released from prison were reoffending within the first 6 months: this figure dropped to only 2% with the young people TLBB works with.

* The Lower Secondary School Development Program (LSSDP) is a 3-year, proven model for school development. It empowers communities to take ownership of their state school to drive improvements at the local level. We work with the School Support Committee (SSC), a government mandated group similar to a PTA, and the Student Council (SC), to improve school standards, including teaching quality, facilities and fundraising. At the end of our 3 year involvement the community is able to carry on the work independently, and have continued to thrive many years later. Recently, one of our schools moved from a phase of struggling where help was required to winning an award as the number one secondary school in all Siem Reap - all within two years.
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  • New South Wales
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    • Cambodia
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  • Families
  • Pre/post release offenders and/or their families
  • Victims of crime (including family violence)

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1 September 2017 to 31 August 2018
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