Annual Information Statement 2016

Legal Name
Scripture Union Victoria

Section A: Charity Information

Other names charity is known by (such as trading name)
  • SU Victoria.
  • This charity has a sub-entity ABN 33803856479.
Charity size
Basic Religious Charity

Section B: Activities

Did the charity operate in the 2016 reporting period?
Main activity
Religious activities
Description of charity's activities and outcomes
Invest in people as the key activity of the organisation through training, coaching, leadership and community development.Equip our volunteers and staff to fulfil their duty of care to young people and participants and ensure this through quality policies and procedures.Develop new programs to ensure that the work continues to grow.Build partnerships with churches, schools and communities to maximise the outcomes and results.Continue to develop appropriate revenue sources to sustain our activities.Conduct regular review and evaluation of staff, programs and operations to ensure our continuous improvement. Ensure excellent governance and direction for the organisation through an effective Board and staff leadership
Will the charity change or introduce any activities in the 2017 period?
Where the charity conducted activities during the 2016 reporting period
Who was helped most by the charity's activities in the reporting period
General community within Australia

Section C: Human Resources

Human resources
  • Full time employees: 14
  • Part time employees: 40
  • Casual employees: 12
  • Estimated number of volunteers: 800

Section D: Finance

Type of financial statement
Special purpose financial statements
Financial report consolidated with more than one entity?
Did your charity have any related party transactions?
Does your charity have documented policies or processes about related party transactions?
Charity's 2016 reporting period
1 July 2015 to 30 June 2016
Financial report submitted to a state/territory regulator?
2016 Financial report
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Income and Expenses

Comprehensive Income Statement summary

Gross Income
Donations and bequests
Revenue from government including grants
All other revenue
Total revenue
Other income (for example, gains)
Total gross income
Employee expenses
Interest expenses
Grants and donations made for use in Australia
Grants and donations made for use outside Australia
All other expenses
Total expenses
Net surplus/(deficit)
Other comprehensive income
Total comprehensive income

Balance Sheet extract

Total current assets
Non-current loans receivable
Other non-current assets
Total non-current assets
Total assets
Total current liabilities
Non-current loans payable
Other non-current liabilities
Total non-current liabilities
Total liabilities
Net assets/liabilities