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Female Convicts Research Centre Inc.

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The Female Convicts Research Centre (FCRC) promotes interest in the female convicts of Van Diemens Land (Tasmania), by encouraging and facilitating research, mainly through its database, website and regular seminars. A small group of volunteers in Tasmania coordinates a much larger cohort of local, interstate and overseas volunteers to systematically trace and study Tasmanias female convicts. The volunteers record the details into an online database which is accessible after taking out a free membership. The database contains the records of over 12,500 women every female convict transported to Tasmania. It covers their lives before, during and after transportation. Volunteers transcribe information from original records from Australia, Britain, Ireland and Scotland, including official archives, family records and newspapers. By building links with volunteers in Britain and Ireland, the FCRC has enriched local convict archives with historical data outside the penal and judicial record systems.Volunteers work from home but connect with people all around the world through a common project where they learn to read, understand and transcribe colonial documents and genealogical material, and develop skills in historical research, computing, database coding and entry.CommitteeThe FCRC has no paid staff. All work is done by a 10-member committee, supported by the team of volunteers. Inevitably, some committee members contribute a huge amount of time to keep everything operating smoothly and to educate and support the volunteer team.Two significant achievements in the past year were gaining charitable status with the ACNC and being inducted as an organisation into the Tasmanian Honour Roll of Women for community service, education and training, justice and tourism.SeminarsTwo public seminars were held in the past year at the Hobart Town Hall. The first in October 2016 discussed the situation in Britain at the time of transportation, groups of convicts who committed crimes and enterprising female convicts (transported for unusual crimes). The second seminar in March 2017 discussed convict mother and their children, birthing and babies, and mothers on convict voyages. MembershipAt the end of June 2017 the FCRC had nearly 6000 members, not all active. This number of people at some stage have joined the FCRC to research a female convict ancestor or from a general interest in female convicts.WebsiteThe website has been revamped and visits continued to increase. The transcribers are continually adding to the list of petitions, voyages, convict stories, and convict ships and surgeons journals. Female Convicts DatabaseThe database continues to grow, thanks to the work of a large team of volunteers, who also check and cleanse data. They add new research and information daily, to build birth to death knowledge of the convict women.
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General community in Australia
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1 July 2016 to 30 June 2017
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