Annual Information Statement 2018

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Family Planning NSW

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NSW fundraising number: 10139
Basic Religious Charity

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Family Planning NSW provides reproductive and sexual health services and training in the Pacific. The Pacific has some of the worst reproductive and sexual health indicators globally, with high rates of maternal and infant mortality, unintended and teenage pregnancies, sexual violence and unacceptably high rates of cervical cancer deaths. FPNSW builds partnerships with family planning organisations at national and international levels, and with local NGOs and government health services to improve access to comprehensive reproductive and sexual health services with funding from ANCP, through the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and private donors.
FPNSW is committed to long term capacity building with government and non-government organisations to address reproductive and sexual health needs of the community. We achieve this by providing best practice services and enhancing the knowledge and skills of service providers.
Description of charity's activities and outcomes
Provision of reproductive and sexual health information, prevention, screening and clinical
• 30,550 clinical services
• 3,320 STI tests
• 425 community education sessions delivered with 14,775 participants
• 66 clinical education courses with 1,257 participants, including 1,052 clinicians and 220 social workers and teachers
• 27% of clients under 25 years; 4% reported a disability: 560 clients with ATSI background and 4,814
clients born overseas.

Innovative health promotion programs and resources aimed at those vulnerable and/or socially
disadvantaged including:
• Condom Credit Card, a youth specific scheme aimed at early intervention and capacity building with a newly developed app.
•The Trending Sexual Health project is an innovative approach to reproductive and sexual health promotion as it focusses on a digital social marketing strategy to effect knowledge, attitudes and behaviours of young people across Australia.
•Cervical Screening Renewal: Capacity Building of Bilingual Community Educators is a project aiming to increase cervical screening participation rates for women aged 25 to 74 years from refugee communities, including women from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Myanmar.
• NIB Foundation Sexuality and Relationships Workshops for Parents and Carers provide workshops for parents of people with intellectual disability and autism spectrum disorders across NSW.
• Digital Stories is a series of eight short vedeos that aims to break down concerns about accessing reproductive and sexual health services in CALD communities.

International projects
• Family planning projects in Vanuatu and PNG: 3,463 direct beneficiaries
• Disability project in Fiji: 768 direct beneficiaries
• Cervical cancer prevention and treatment projects in Solomon Islands and Vanuatu: 4,662 direct
• Women’s empowerment and gender equality projects in Timor Lester and PNG: 2,275 direct beneficiaries.
Where the charity conducted activities during the 2018 reporting period
  • New South Wales
  • Overseas / outside of Australia
  • Other Countries
    • Fiji
    • Papua New Guinea
    • Samoa
    • Solomon Islands
    • Timor-Leste
    • Tonga
    • Vanuatu
Will the charity change or introduce any activities in the 2019 period?
Main beneficiary
General community in Australia
Other beneficiaries
  • Youth - aged 15 to under 25
  • Adults - aged 25 to under 65
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people
  • Gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender or intersex persons
  • Migrants, refugees or asylum seekers
  • People from a culturally and linguistically diverse background
  • Financially disadvantaged people
  • People with disabilities

Annual report

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Human Resources

Human resources
  • Full time employees: 58
  • Part time employees: 94
  • Casual employees: 50
  • Full-time equivalent staff (FTE): 106
  • Estimated number of volunteers: 1

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1 July 2017 to 30 June 2018
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New South Wales

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