Annual Information Statement 2015

Legal Name
Planet Ark Environmental Foundation

Section A: Charity Information

Charity size
Basic Religious Charity

Section B: Activities

Activities in the 2015 reporting period
Main activity
Environmental activities
Description of charity’s activities and outcomes
As it has done since its inception in 1992, Planet Ark has continued to work with individuals, community groups, governments and organisations throughout FY 2015. Our campaigns and programs aim to:Promote sustainable resource use, Encourage a low carbon lifestyle, andConnect people with nature.Highlights of the year in each of these three areas include:The launch of the Packaging Recyclability Evaluation Portal (PREP), which Planet Ark developed in conjunction with GreenChip, to help packaging designers improve the recyclability of their packaging; recycling the 25 millionth printer cartridge through our Cartridges 4 Planet Ark program with zero waste to landfill; promoting the circular economy though our Make it Recycled campaign, which encourages the recycling of used office paper, and buying it back as a recycled product; 49,000 searches for business recycling services though our Business Recycling website.Our first installation of commercial scale photovoltaic cells under the Planet Ark Power program, which makes it possible for small enterprises to install solar with no upfront cost and reduced electricity bills; our Make It Wood campaign hosted events in Sydney and Melbourne to promote the use of sustainably sourced wood, and Latrobe City became the first Australian council to adopt a wood encouragement policy.292,000 volunteers (including around 200,000 school and pre-school students) planting 1.38 million trees, shrubs and grasses on National Tree
Changing or introducing activities in the next reporting period
Beneficiaries helped by charity’s activities in the 2015 reporting period
General community in Australia

Section C: Resources and operating locations

Estimated number of unpaid volunteers who worked for the charity during the 2015 reporting period
  • Full time employees: 15
  • Part time employees: 2
  • Casual employees: 1
  • Volunteers: 10
Where the charity operated during the 2015 reporting period
  • Australian Capital Territory
  • New South Wales
  • Northern Territory
  • Queensland
  • South Australia
  • Tasmania
  • Victoria
  • Western Australia

Section D: Reporting and regulatory obligations (This section is optional)

Commonwealth department /(s) and/or agency/agencies charity had to report to over the 2015 reporting period, excluding the ATO and ACNC

Approximate hours spent reporting by paid staff
Approximate hours spent reporting by unpaid volunteers
Total hours spent reporting

Section E: Financial information

Charity's 2015 reporting period
1 July 2014 to 30 June 2015
Financial report submitted to a state/territory regulator?
2015 Financial report
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Income and Expenses

Comprehensive Income Statement summary

Gross Income
Donations and bequests
Government grants
All other revenue
Total revenue
Other income
Total gross income
Employee expenses
Grants and donations made for use in Australia
Grants and donations made for use outside Australia
All other expenses
Total expenses
Net surplus/deficit

Balance Sheet extract

Total current assets
Non-current loans receivable
Other non-current assets
Total non-current assets
Total assets
Total current liabilities
Non-current loans payable
Other non-current liabilities
Total non-current liabilities
Total liabilities
Net assets/liabilities

Section F: Other obligations

Governing document on the ACNC register current and accurate
Responsible persons' details on the ACNC register complete, current and accurate
Subtypes current and accurate