Annual Information Statement 2016

Legal Name
Boyne Valley Community Discovery Centre Inc.

Section A: Charity Information

Charity size
Basic Religious Charity

Section B: Activities

Did the charity operate in the 2016 reporting period?
Main activity
Advocacy and civic activities
Main activities
  • Culture and arts
  • Economic, social and community development
  • Other recreation
Description of charity's activities and outcomes
The Boyne Valley is an umbrella place-name for four small rural communities along the Boyne River, Central Queensland. As a group representing all four communities, our focus in 2016 has been on objects 3 and 4 of the association as listed in our Schedule of Rules - promoting and encouraging the development of our community and developing strategies to increase awareness of our region as a tourist destination and as a desirable location for economic development. To this end, we have continued to:1.Upgrade facilities on the Ubobo Recreation Reserve. This has seen a growth in visitor numbers and in the number of small businesses opening during the past year.2.Host cultural, educational and arts activities. These have fostered personal development and provided both visitors and community members with knowledge, skills, respite and enjoyment.3.Offer events that raise public awareness of and interest in the history, culture, natural environment and rural lifestyle of our community. While advancing tourism, this has also resulted in real estate sales. 4.Advocate for better services for the community. This saw the arrival of a mobile telephone service for some areas of the Valley in December 2016 and improved internet access via the Skymuster, NBN program.5.Strengthen relationships and develop working partnerships with Local, State and Federal Government representatives as well as Gladstone Area Promotion and Development Ltd. Support from these bodies has encouraged the ongoing work of our volunteers and given hope for ongoing improvement in the provision of services to our rural community and promotion of our valley as a tourist destination.
Will the charity change or introduce any activities in the 2017 period?
Where the charity conducted activities during the 2016 reporting period
Who was helped most by the charity's activities in the reporting period
General community within Australia

Section C: Human Resources

Human resources
Estimated number of volunteers: 20

Section D: Finance

Accounting method used in the 2016 reporting period
Charity's 2016 reporting period
1 July 2015 to 30 June 2016
Financial report submitted to a state/territory regulator?
2016 Financial report
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