Annual Information Statement 2013

Legal Name
Association Of Volunteer Bush Fire Brigades Wa Incorporated

Section A: Charity Information

Charity has a financial year ending 30 June
Financial year ends
Information Unavailable
Charity size
Purposes of charity
Other: The aims and objects of the Association shall be to be a representative advisory body that promotes the welfare, safety and provision of resources of bush fire brigades and member volunteers in Western Australia:
Basic Religious Charity
Charity is part of an approved ACNC reporting group

Section B: Activities

Activities in the 2013 reporting period
Main activity
Emergency and relief
Description of charity’s activities and outcomes
Effective Support to Member Groups of the AssociationAVBFB representation on a range of DFES committees and advisory groups.Consultation with member brigades on a range of issues and addressing these with DFES and other stakeholdersAttendances at forums and conferences with feedback via reports, email and discussionsEffective Use of ResourcesUtilisation of email for sharing of information whenever possibleAllocation of funding to shared telecommunications equipment Volunteer HouseCoordination of meetings to coincide with other meetings e.g. ESAMC, DOACs, Forums etcEffective Communication with Member Brigades/Units and VolunteersForwarding of information, including DFES sourced, via emailInclusion of information about the Association with the notification of Annual General MeetingRe-establishing the AVBFB newsletterOngoing consultation with members via email and telephoneOngoing Website, Facebook page improvements, establishment of Twitter account Attendance at regional advisory meetings, visiting brigades by zone representatives, Effective Management of the AssociationQuarterly committee meetings with high attendance levelsDelegation of tasks and updating of progress via email Liaison with DFES staff for information Timely preparation and distribution of Agendas and MinutesTransparent and accountable financial managementRegular communication between the Executive Committee members
Changing or introducing activities in the next reporting period
Beneficiaries helped by charity’s activities in the 2013 reporting period
  • Volunteer Bush Fire Brigades and their members

Section C: Resources and operating locations

Estimated number of unpaid volunteers who worked for the charity during the 2013 reporting period
  • Full time employees: 0
  • Part time employees: 0
  • Volunteers: 20
Where the charity operated during the 2013 reporting period
Western Australia

Section D: Reporting and regulatory obligations (This section is optional)

State or territory charity had non-corporate reporting obligations to
Western Australia

Section E: Financial information provided voluntarily

2013 Financial report
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