Annual Information Statement 2013

Legal Name
Sim Australia

Section A: Charity Information

Charity has a financial year ending 30 June
Financial year ends
Charity size
Purposes of charity
  • The relief of poverty, sickness or the needs of the aged
  • The advancement of education
  • The advancement of religion
  • Other:
Basic Religious Charity
Charity is part of an approved ACNC reporting group

Section B: Activities

Activities in the 2013 reporting period
Main activity
Religious activities
General activities
  • Economic, social and community development
  • Employment and training
  • Hospital services and rehabilitation activities
  • Primary and secondary education
  • Religious activities
  • Social services
  • Other health service delivery
Description of charity’s activities and outcomes
In 2013 SIM celebrated our 120th anniversary as a mission. An international organisation with 1600 missionaries operating in over 60 countries around the world grew from the vision and sacrifice of three young men who travelled to Africa to pioneer mission work in the region called the Soudan, now the nation of Nigeria.As we reflect on our history, we are humbled by the dedication, endurance and sacrifice of hundreds of missionaries who have served, often in isolated and dangerous places, in order to share the love of Christ and minister to those in need.The story continues today and we have the privilege and opportunity to contribute a chapter of our own. SIM believes that it takes the entire church to reach the unreached with the message of the Gospel, so we are committed to partnering with churches, embrace diversity and be creative in approaches to mission.Because churches, donors, individuals, missionaries, as well as staff and volunteer, partnered together and prayed, SIM Australia facilitated and carried out vital ministries that shared the best news of Jesus, discipled believers, strengthened churches and alleviated human need.We give thanks to God that in 2013:* SIM Australia grew to 113 long term missionaries serving in 25 countries.* SIM Australia also facilitated: 28 short term missionaries serving in 12 countries, with an average length of service of 5.6 months. 5 teams serving in 4 countries.Thank you so much for your p
Changing or introducing activities in the next reporting period
Beneficiaries helped by charity’s activities in the 2013 reporting period
  • Children
  • Mental health and crisis intervention
  • People with Chronic or terminal illness
  • Women
  • Young people

Section C: Resources and operating locations

Estimated number of unpaid volunteers who worked for the charity during the 2013 reporting period
  • Full time employees: 16
  • Part time employees: 2
  • Volunteers: 32
Where the charity operated during the 2013 reporting period
  • Australian Capital Territory
  • New South Wales
  • Northern Territory
  • Queensland
  • South Australia
  • Tasmania
  • Victoria
  • Western Australia

Section D: Reporting and regulatory obligations (This section is optional)

Section E: Financial information provided voluntarily

2013 Financial report
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