Annual Information Statement 2015

Legal Name
Your Aged Care At Home Ltd

Section A: Charity Information

Charity size
Basic Religious Charity

Section B: Activities

Activities in the 2015 reporting period
Main activity
Aged care activities
Description of charity’s activities and outcomes
Your Aged Care at Home HCPP operates under the management of the Board of Directors of Your Aged Care at Home Ltd, a registered Charity and Public Benevolent Institution.Subsidy payments are received from the Commonwealth Department of Health Home Care Packages Program (HCPP). Subsidies are paid monthly and are dependent on the number of clients receiving services. Currently Your Aged Care at Home manages 25 level 2 subsidised Home Care Packages.Your Aged Care at Home work practices are based on the NSW State and Federal Government legislation. Your Aged Care at Home has developed policies and procedures on all aspects of service delivery. Safety for workers and clients, quality standards, a code of conduct for all workers and a complaints policy to ensure the client and legislative needs are met.VISION STATEMENTLiving and Loving our LivesOUR MISSIONYour Aged Care at Home believes that elderly people have the right to choose to remain living in their own homes, for as long as possible, supported by a range of integrated and flexible services.The service provided will promote the persons independence and dignity and will contribute to his/her overall physical, emotional, spiritual, cultural and social well-being.OUR PHILOSOPHYYour Aged Care at Homes service provision is underpinned by the following principles which focus around client: Choice and Control Rights Respectful and balanced relationships Wellness and reablement P
Changing or introducing activities in the next reporting period
Beneficiaries helped by charity’s activities in the 2015 reporting period
  • General community in Australia
  • Elderly – 60 and over
  • People with disabilities
  • Unemployed persons

Section C: Resources and operating locations

Estimated number of unpaid volunteers who worked for the charity during the 2015 reporting period
  • Full time employees: 1
  • Part time employees: 8
  • Casual employees: 2
  • Volunteers: 3
Where the charity operated during the 2015 reporting period
New South Wales

Section D: Reporting and regulatory obligations (This section is optional)

Commonwealth department /(s) and/or agency/agencies charity had to report to over the 2015 reporting period, excluding the ATO and ACNC

Approximate hours spent reporting by paid staff
Approximate hours spent reporting by unpaid volunteers
Total hours spent reporting

Section E: Financial information

Charity's 2015 reporting period
1 July 2014 to 30 June 2015
2015 Financial report
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Income and Expenses

Income Statement

Donations and bequests
Government grants
Other revenue/receipts
Total revenue/receipts
Employee expenses/payments
Grants and donations made for use in Australia
Grants and donations made for use outside Australia
Other expenses/payments
Total expenses/payments
Net surplus/(deficit)

Balance Sheet Extract

Total assets
Total liabilities
Net assets/liabilites

Section F: Other obligations

Governing document on the ACNC register current and accurate
Responsible persons' details on the ACNC register complete, current and accurate
Subtypes current and accurate