Annual Information Statement 2016

Legal Name
Tracksafe Foundation Limited

Section A: Charity Information

Charity size
Basic Religious Charity

Section B: Activities

Did the charity operate in the 2016 reporting period?
Main activity
Mental health and crisis intervention
Main activities
  • Advocacy and civic activities
  • Primary and secondary education
  • Research
  • Other
    • Rail suicide prevention, training for staff exposed to potentially traumatic events, coordination of public awareness campaigns, facilitation of best practice forums.
Description of charity's activities and outcomes
In endeavoring to reduce suicide and other fatalities on the rail network, TrackSAFE coordinates and delivers projects including:Initiatives to reduce the instance of people committing trespass on rail operations and rail assets with the intention to commit suicide; Initiatives to reduce the instance of people committing suicide on level crossings;Initiatives to prevent suicide and self-harm attempts on the rail network,Awareness campaigns;Education campaigns; andJoint initiatives with recognised community service providers such as Lifeline and RUOK? DayActivities carried out in 2016 include:Rail R U OK? Day 21 April 2016A resounding success, 10,000 employees from 30 different rail organisations participated in Rail R U OK?Day 2016The annual event encourages building rail workforces where employees are connected and protected from suicide Community Stations project This project is now off the ground with a steering committee drawn from TrackSAFE, rail operators the Victorian Government and local councils The aim is to change the ambiance in stations to make them a place of community and belonging, not isolation and disconnect, to reduce incidents of suicide and self-harmHeadspace, R U OK? and Lifeline are involved, promoting their services as part of the events at these stations Partnership with LifelineTrackSAFE has strengthened its partnership with LifelineKey projects being pursued include a marketing campaign for stations that is currently being developed to promote Lifeline services to rail customersLooking at protocols between rail, health, the police and Lifeline after someone has attempted suicide or self-harm at a train station to provide follow-up care to that person RailRes A resilience app has been developed by TrackSAFE based on the Department of Veterans Affairs HighRes appDeveloped to assist rail employees in managing stress if exposed to a traumatic event and build long term resilience to help employees stay healthyLinks through to EAP (Employee Assistance Programs) so that rail employees can access free, confidential counsellingRail Safety Week August 2016Annual awareness campaign Over 20 rail organisations and police participated to raise awareness of rail safety
Will the charity change or introduce any activities in the 2017 period?
Where the charity conducted activities during the 2016 reporting period
  • Australian Capital Territory
  • New South Wales
  • Queensland
  • South Australia
  • Tasmania
  • Victoria
  • Western Australia
Who was helped most by the charity's activities in the reporting period
  • Rail industry employees

Section C: Human Resources

Human resources
  • Full time employees: 1
  • Part time employees: 3

Section D: Finance

Type of financial statement
General purpose financial statements
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Charity's 2016 reporting period
1 July 2015 to 30 June 2016
Financial report submitted to a state/territory regulator?
2016 Financial report
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Income and Expenses

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