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17 Central Ave
Deception Bay QLD 4508
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General community in Australia
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6 January 2018
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7 April 2019
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Our mission is to become one of the leading specialist agency in the global renewable energy space. Our team will seek to be involved in all assets classes that promote renewable energy generation through sustainable processes, either with existing or new green/clean technologies. Our vision is to successfully promote renewable energy into global markets, working with investors and developers to make the process commercially viable for all concerned. We aim to create a more sustainable energy environment for local communities, reduce the carbon footprint and attract investment through industry and commerce. Our view is that a great deal of work has been done politically in many countries to promote renewable energy through incentives, however programmes such as feed in tariffs have been poorly managed in some countries and have created a very difficult and unworkable environment. It could be argued that many countries have not learned from the mistakes of others, but moving forward, we believe that due to an improved political and economic environment, a more realistic environment will be created, thus delivering sustainable long term investment returns. The reduction in technology costs combined with increased efficiencies creates a more stable long term view. Our ongoing growth and commercial success will allows us to support Perpetual Energi's educational scholarships. The Perpetual Energi's Scholarship Fund was created in 2014 to allow us to support undergraduate and graduate women students pursuing degrees in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) disciplines. The eligibility for the STEM Scholarship which will provide students with a number of benefits designed to increase their employability and reward their scholarly pursuit. We take particular interest in working with other charities in the renewable energy space such as electricity or water projects. However, we are not limited to only supporting such projects and our key focus is to help eradicate poverty and promote education. In addition to this, we will consider applications for direct funding. Perpetual Energi Objective: The advancement of education, and the relief of global poverty through, but not limited to, the use of renewable technologies It is our belief that many of the worlds problems can be improved through education. We aim to utilise profit from the booming renewable energy industry to provide direct funding to projects that improve the lives and futures of those living in impoverished areas. We look to do this through education, economic and social development programs. We appreciate that in some cases there is a more pressing need for basic necessities such as food and water. We look where possible to provide direct funding into each project. This allows us to monitor exactly where our funds are invested to achieve the maximum impact.

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Charity registration is revoked, effective 13 September 2019

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Title Due Date Date received Download
Financial Report 2018 7 April 2019 Not yet submitted
Annual Information Statement 2018 7 April 2019 Not yet submitted
Annual Information Statement 2017 31 January 2018 6 January 2018
Financial Report 2017 No due date Not required
Annual Information Statement 2016 31 January 2017 7 March 2017
Financial Report 2016 No due date 7 March 2017
Annual Information Statement 2015 31 January 2016 25 July 2016
Financial Report 2015 No due date Not required
Annual Information Statement 2014 31 January 2015 6 January 2015
Financial Report 2014 No due date Not required
Annual Information Statement 2013 31 March 2014 15 July 2014
Financial Report 2013 No due date Not required


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Governing Document 11 August 2014 Download


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Purpose Start Date End Date
Advancing education 1 January 2014
Advancing health 1 January 2014
Advancing social or public welfare 1 January 2014
2012 Advancement of education 21 October 2013 21 October 2013
2012 Another purpose beneficial to the community 21 October 2013 21 October 2013
2012 Relief of poverty sickness or needs of the aged 21 October 2013 31 December 2013

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Effective Date Status
13 September 2019 Revoked Compliance
21 October 2013 Registered
21 October 2013 Revoked Compliance

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