How do I check my charity’s details on the Register?

You can check your charity’s Register details by searching the Register or logging into the Charity Portal.

The Charity Portal has more detail than the Register, as not all information is publicly available. If you log in to the Charity Portal you will be able to see if any important information is missing, such as contact details for your responsible people) as well as seeing how your charity’s details appear on the public Register.

Also, you can update or correct your charity’s information within the Charity Portal. Changes you make through the portal will be updated automatically on the Register.

You can download a PDF copy of your charity’s entry (current at that date) by clicking the ‘Save as PDF’ button on the top right hand corner of its page on the Register.

How do I correct charity details on the Register?

alert icon Log in to the Charity Portal to make changes or add charity details to the Register.

Your charity has an ongoing obligation to keep its details up-to-date and notify the ACNC if any of its key details change. Unless you have provided updated details to the ACNC, some of the information on the Register may be incorrect or out of date.

Find out more about notifying the ACNC of changes.

My charity is registered with the ACNC but there is no entry on the ACNC Register?

Some registered charities may not currently appear on the Register. This may be because:

If your charity’s entry does not appear and you think there is an error, please contact us.

Can I ask for information not to be publicly available?

In some circumstances, you can apply to ACNC to have your charity's information or information about its responsible people (such as board or committee members or trustees) withheld from the Register, from the Register.

Find out more about withholding information from the ACNC Register.

Can I obtain information about multiple charities for use in my research project?

The ACNC publishes most of the data held on our register in an online dataset. This dataset can be used to quickly sort or anlayse the information on our Register (for example for research purposes). Find out more about accessing the dataset on