The questions in this section vary depending on the charity’s size, with additional information required from medium and large charities.

It is mandatory for all charities, except non-government schools and confirmed Basic Religious Charities, to answer the questions in this section. The definition of Basic Religious Charity is very specific, see your answers to question 7 if you are unsure whether your charity is a basic religious charity.

Basic Religious Charities and non-government schools

15. Does your charity want to provide financial information in the AIS?

It is optional for Basic Religious Charities to provide financial information.

If your charity is a non-government school and reports to the Department of Education and Training (the DET), and you answer ‘yes’, you will not be able to take advantage of the transitional arrangements with the DET. More information:

If you answer ‘no’, we will use the financial information your charity submits in the financial questionnaire to the DET as the financial information in the AIS.