You have an obligation to notify the ACNC of changes to your charity’s details, including responsible people, governing documents and charity subtype.

Responsible persons

Responsible Persons are members of your charity's governing body such as directors, committee members or trustees (called 'responsible entities' under the ACNC Act).

As part of the 2017 AIS you have the opportunity to review the details of your charity’s responsible persons, as well as update or add details if required.

Note: Only the name of each responsible person and the position they hold in your charity will appear on the ACNC Register.

Once you have updated it, or if it is already up to date, tick the box to confirm.
More information about responsible persons:

Governing documents

A charity's governing document is the formal document that sets out the charity's charitable purpose or purposes, activities and the way that the governing body of the charity (such as the committee of management, or board) makes decisions and consults any members.

If your governing document has changed, you can update it after completing the 2017 AIS. To do so, visit the Charity Portal, go to 'Change charity details' and select 'Change my governing documents'.

More information about governing documents:


When the ACNC registers a charity, we register it under one or more ‘subtypes’ of charity. These subtypes generally reflect the charity’s purpose, for example advancing health or advancing education.

If your charity’s purpose has changed, or expanded, you may need to change your charity’s subtype. You can do this through the Charity Portal.

More information about charity subtypes: