This page contains information to help you manage your ACNC-registered charity that is a registrable Australian body with ASIC.

Generally, you should still contact ASIC for any issues relating to your status as a registrable Australian body and the ACNC for issues relating to your charitable status. See the table below for a summary of which regulator to contact. For more details, refer to the questions after the table:

Type of change Who to Contact
Apply to register a registrable Australian body Yes No
Apply to register a charity No Yes
Notify of changes to:
  • name
  • Address For Service
  • directors or equivalent (we call these ‘Responsible People’)
  • constitution (we call these ‘governing documents’) (see ‘What details does my charity have to notify ACNC of?’ below)
No Yes
Notify if stops carrying on business in another state (outside of their state of incorporation) and deregistering a registrable Australian body (see ‘What details does my charity still have to notify ASIC of?’ below) Yes No

Instead of notifying ASIC , you must now notify the ACNC of changes, including changes to your charity’s:

  • name – once you notify us, the ACNC will liaise with ASIC to update their register. Please note that you will need to provide a copy of your current certificate from your state or territory incorporating regulator or governing document that evidences the name change. ASIC will continue to apply its names determination rules before changing names on the ASIC register
  • Address for Service – This address will be published on the ACNC Register. Please provide your registered office address as your address for service so that the ACNC can pass this information on to ASIC to update the ASIC register. The registered office address must be a physical address (PO box or email is not accepted).

We will send all correspondence (including legal documents) to your address for service. If you also provide an email address, we will use this as the main way to contact you.

  • directors – we call these ‘responsible persons’. You no longer need to notify ASIC of changes to your directors (or equivalent)
  • constitution – we call these ‘governing documents’. You no longer need to notify ASIC of changes to your constitution (or other document).

Attention - You need to know! Log in to the ACNC charity portal to notify us of changes to your charity’s details and responsible persons.

What does my charity still have to notify ASIC of?

You still need to notify ASIC if your charity:

  • stops carrying on business outside of your state of incorporation (which may lead to ASIC deregistering your organisation) or
  • changes its opening hours (if you have lodged a notice with ASIC about your opening hours previously).

The ASIC Register may not be current for registrable Australian bodies that are also registered with the ACNC. Since its establishment, the ACNC is working hard to upload the information collected to make sure the ACNC Register is current. Information provided by charities will be made available progressively. In the meantime, if your charity needs us to confirm your details for another person or organisation (such as your financial institution), please contact us.