A collection of stories that demonstrate innovation in collaboration

Brightly coloured childcare room

In 2019, the Kath Dickson Family Centre realised there was a need for a specialised service that could facilitate connections between families and services in the community.

CEO Ken Murphy is clear that the Family Hub is about facilitating contact. “It’s not us who are delivering the services, it’s about collaboration with the organisations that already exist. We’re not out there to duplicate what is already out there - there are so many organisations out there delivering these services. And we’re not skilled in domestic violence, we’re not skilled in legal, alcohol counselling or family disputes, mental health. We have the contacts, we can assist and help with that.”

For further information about the Kath Dickson Family Centre, or to get in contact, please visit the charity’s page on the ACNC Charity Register.

Woman at a computer screen

inCommunity provides a unique training program to support first-time renters, people experiencing homelessness and those at risk of homelessness into the private rental market. Its Training Skills Institute program rapidly spread to cover the whole of Queensland and is now being picked up by other states.

CEO Paul Tommasini says if a person completes the course, and receives a certificate showing core competencies based on what real estate agents require, an agent will consider the certificate in a similar way to a reference for that person. "So now we have, as we understand it, the only product like this anywhere, developed in partnership with the real estate industry to create direct pathways to private rental.”

For further information about inCommunity, or to get in contact, please visit the charity’s page on the ACNC Charity Register.