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ACNC Commissioner Sue Woodward AM has welcomed Clayton Boundey as Assistant Commissioner.

“I warmly welcome Clayton to our leadership team today. With decades of experience working across all levels of government and in several government agencies, plus time on the ground working with grassroots community organisations in disaster response, I know he will add to the team.”

Mr Boundey is one of two Assistant Commissioners with a portfolio covering our advice service team, strategic communications and stakeholder engagement, people and culture, finance and governance, and information technology.

Prior to joining the ACNC, Clayton served as a Branch Manager at the National Emergency Management Agency, overseeing significant budgets and leading disaster response efforts across multiple Australian states.

He has a law degree and a diverse background, with roles spanning journalism and media advisory, grants management, program leadership and service delivery, where he has worked with charities and not-for-profits to streamline regulations and enhance access to crucial funding and support systems.