Stakeholder consultation

Twice a year, the ACNC meets with professional and sector users, as well as meeting with the ACNC Advisory Board quarterly. The ACNC values their contribution as they provide valuable input into new products (such as the forthcoming sample constitution for Companies Limited by Guarantee) and assist us develop regulatory approaches (such as the application of penalties for non-filing of the Annual Information Statement). We are indebted to those who give their time and expertise to assist the ACNC in its regulatory approach.

ACNC Regional information sessions

Beginning 11 August, the ACNC will be visiting regional Australia to conduct information sessions to guide charities on the Annual Information Statement process and answer any questions the organisations might have. The information sessions were originally scheduled for earlier this year, but were deferred as Government consultation about the ACNC was scheduled for the same time.

We will be travelling primarily to areas where there has been a low level of submissions of Annual Information Statements, or a high number of charities we have not been able to contact through the ACNC’s ‘Return to Sender’ project. ACNC staff will be on hand to answer any questions charities have and assist with completing their statements. More details about the sessions and their locations will be available on the ACNC website soon.

ACNC revokes charities’ registration

The ACNC has revoked the charity of Care4kids Foundation of Australia Ltd and Indigenous Foundation of Australia Ltd in a rare exercise of our regulatory powers.

The revocations followed a five month investigation into the charities’ activities and purposes, with the ACNC determining their operations were not solely charitable. The investigations were undertaken with the charities’ cooperation, and both charities were given an opportunity to show cause why their registration should not be revoked. Their responses were taken into account before a final decision was made. The charities are able to object to this decision and can reapply to be registered when the ACNCs’ concerns are wholly addressed.

The ACNC knows that overwhelmingly, registered Australian charities are honest, professional and deserve public support. The ACNC has dealt with more than 900 complaints or concerns about charities since its inception in December 2012, and most of these have been resolved with education and advice, or cooperative intervention from the ACNC to rectify any wrongdoing or negligence. This confirms the suitability of the ACNC’s light touch regulatory approach.

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