In her first act as the Australian Government's nominee as Commissioner of the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC), today Susan Pascoe AM released the ACNC Taskforce Implementation Report.

Ms Pascoe today said "today, I am pleased to release the ACNC Taskforce Implementation Report. This report is the culmination of twelve months work, and will outline the implementation process for the establishment of the ACNC".

The report outlines five key action areas that will underpin the ACNC's functions:

  • registering entities;
  • developing a reporting framework (report-once, use-often);
  • going online (one-stop shop);
  • helping charities and the public (guidance and education) and;
  • engaging with stakeholders

To develop a deeper understanding of the sector, the Taskforce has undertaken research, analysis, embarked upon an extensive community consultation program, invited public submissions and through this process actively listened to the views of key stakeholders - sector, community, government. This has shaped the development of the ACNC's reporting framework, information portal and education and advice services.

"On behalf of the ACNC Implementation Taskforce I would like to thank all the organisations and individuals across Australia who made submissions, attended roundtable discussions and made time for community consultation . . . .all of which have helped in the production of the Taskforce Implementation Report".

"The ACNC Taskforce continues to look forward to working with all stakeholders, large and small, community and government, private and public to create a world class regulator for the NFP sector", said Susan Pascoe.

Up to the minute information on the establishment of the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission is now available on the ACNC Taskforce website.